Technological innovation in 3D printing applications
Diversified printing technology

Basic parameters

Printing size: 550*600*80 mm

Printing temperature: up to 275°C

Airtight thermostat temperature: 60℃

Two-in and one-out print head

Resume after power failure

Unexpected reminder specification

Molding process: FFF Product size: 1155*935*555mm

Packing size: 1215*995*705mm+780*300*650mm

Printing temperature: 275℃
Constant temperature chamber temperature: 60℃

Equipment weight: 130kg
Package weight: 175kg

Platform material: glass
Layer resolution: 0.2-0.4mm

Number of nozzles: two in and one out
Nozzle diameter: 0.8mm

Printing speed: 0-150mm/s
File category: STL, GCODE, NC, DXF…

Available consumables: PLA, PETG, PLMA, PMMA
Support the diameter of consumables: 1.75mm

Platform curing temperature: 0-50℃
Positioning accuracy: X/Y12.5μm Z:1.25μm

Power supply: 100~250V, 50~60Hz 3200W+750W Control software: IEMAI3D, 2Dto3D

Connection method: SD card, USB, WIFI
Warranty period: 1 year

1, closed: the whole sealed, without using an additional cover;

2. Hot bed: the bottom plate is heated without affecting the curing, and the bottom plate can be quickly heated to 70-80°C;

3. Fan: blow air from the top down to dissipate heat, and exhaust air from the back to the outside, which can be connected to a pipe to the outdoors;

4. Pause: realize automatic pause at the specified height and automatic resumption;

5. Leveling: high-precision probes are automatically leveled;