The luminous letter 3D printing intelligent all-in-one machine integrates the four functions of shell printing, literal automatic glue filling, colloidal automatic curing, and bottom plate printing.

Intelligent integrated 3D printer
The new era of 3D printing industry

All steps are completed automatically, realizing one-stop intelligent letter making.

  • Printing size: 550*600*80 mm
  • Printing temperature: up to 275℃
  • Airtight thermostat temperature: 60℃
  • Two-in and one-out print head
  • Resume when power off
  • Reminder if there is no material
  • 3D printing shell
  • Automatic glue filling
  • Intelligent curing
  • Bottom plate printing
  • 2D to 3D software

Various formats specification:

Product size: 1155*935*555mm
Packing size: 1215*995*705mm+780*300*650mm

Printing temperature: 275℃
Constant temperature chamber temperature: 60℃

Equipment weight: 130kg
Package weight: 175kg

Platform material: glass
Layer resolution: 0.2-0.4mm

Number of nozzles: two in and one out
Nozzle diameter: 0.8mm

Printing speed: 0-150mm/s
File category: STL, GCODE, NC, DXF…

Available consumables: PLA, PETG, PLMA, PMMA
Support the diameter of consumables: 1.75mm

Platform curing temperature: 0-50℃
Positioning accuracy: X/Y12.5μm Z:1.25μm

Power supply: 100~250V, 50~60Hz 3200W+750W
Control software: IEMAI3D, 2Dto3D

Connection method: SD card, USB, WIFI
Warranty period: 1 year