PLA shading/translucent series

The PLA shading series wire has excellent comprehensive performance, with a shading rate of 100%. It is widely used in the field of FDM3D luminous letter printing. This series of products have improved the toughness of the wire and the adhesion between layers through the modification of raw materials.

And precisely control the wire diameter tolerance ±0.02mm, which greatly improves the fluency and integrity of the printed model.

It solves a series of problems such as easy warping and deformation, and the surface is not delicate.

Basic performance data sheet
Material density 1.25~1.30g/cm³
Tensile strength ≥50mpa
Elongation at break 6%~8%
Impact strength 1-3 (KJ/M,lzod²)
Operating temperature ≤60°C
Melting point: 178°C
Printing temperature 190-220°C
Base plate temperature 0-40°C
Weight 1-1.2KG
Wire diameter 1.75mm
Length 340m
Packing method: PE vacuum bag
Recommended printing speed 5cm/S

Choose the advantages of P L A wire

  1. PLA filament is very easy to print, compared with other materials,
    The printing temperature of standard PLA material is relatively low, making it more versatile and easy to print.
  2. PLA filaments provide high-quality surface details for 3D printing. Other materials are prone to drawing or spots.
    But PLA managed to eliminate these potential aesthetic flaws.
    Unlike ABS, another popular 3D printing material, PLA does not emit an unpleasant smell when extruded.
  3. PLA wire has many different colors because the material itself is easy to color.
    For PLA, post-processing is also easier, allowing users to improve the surface quality with a small amount of sanding and trimming