PETG shading / translucent wire

The PETG series wire has high temperature resistance, toughness and stretch resistance, and has excellent printing and coating properties. It can be sprayed on the surface without special treatment.

Suitable for outdoor 3D font and model printing.

Material density 1.7g/cm³
Tensile strength ≥51mpa
Elongation at break 95%
Impact strength 9.55 (KJ/M,lzod²)
Operating temperature ≤75°C
Melting point: 78°C
Printing temperature 220-240°C
Base plate temperature 60-80°C
Weight 1-1.2KG
Wire diameter 1.75mm
Length 340m
Packing method: PE vacuum bag
Recommended printing speed 5cm-10cm/S

Advantages of P E T G wire

  1. Durability-PETG3D printing consumables provide a high level of durability, and include high-pitched impact performance
  2. Strength-PETG is a particularly strong material
  3. No smell-PETG 3D printing material has no peculiar smell
  4. Low shrinkage rate-using PETG 3D printing to ensure that the original measured value remains unchanged
  5. Chemical resistance-the material has strong resistance to chemical reagents, which also means that it can be easily disinfected
  6. Low absorption-PETG does not absorb water to ensure that it stays strong.
  7. Good adhesion-when using PETG 3D printing, the strength can be partially reduced to the layer adhesion level
  8. Recyclable-materials can be recycled, including printed products and semi-finished products.